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ok but no you don’t understand

this is not only my favorite Malec moment, it’s one of my favorite moments in the entire series

after being scared for so long, Alec finally chooses love over what other people think. he finally comes out not only to his parents, but to the entire clave and a whole host of downworlders. and think how much this means to Magnus. Alec’s been so scared to even admit they have a relationship, and then he does this. for Magnus as much as for himself. and it’s beautiful and perfect and Alec is finally happy- I mean the way he ran up to Magnus before this- and Magnus gets to be happy too. And imagine the pride izzy must be feeling for her big brother. and ugh, I just love this moment so much.

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    I cried tears of joy and none of my friends understood why I cried at a little kiss. Not even my friend who read it...
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